Dugas Staging area to Verde Hot Springs, November 14, 2020

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Date(s) - 11/14/2020
9:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Dugas Staging Area


Description:  Departing the Dugas staging area we will travel mostly Easterly along the Dugas Rd. The first part of the venture will be relatively easy. We should be able to move along during this part of the ride. Approaching the mountains along the Verde River the ride will become somewhat challenging. Descending into the mountains at approximately 6200 ft. to the Verde River and the hot springs at 2600 ft. This section could be challenging as have not been on this road for years.

Staging Area: We will meet at the Orme Dugas staging area at 9:00 am, have as safety briefing and be on the trail by 9:20.  I estimate the trip to be about 70 miles +-. The Orme Dugas staging area is approximately 6 1/2 miles Norths of Cordes Lakes at exit 268.

General Information: Weather will be chilly in the morning warming to he mid 60’s. Bring a lunch and snacks and dress appropriately.  If you wish to try the springs, come prepared to do so the club will NOT provide suits or towels. The group will practice social distancing (as if we have not practiced that enough) during the briefing, breaks and lunch. Should you have any questions feel free to contact Peter Brown 623-694 3470 or Tom Murphy.

Hope to see you on the ride and supporting the Club.


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  1. When you say “challenging”, does this mean there are going to be huge boulder-size rocks to drive over?

  2. We drove it 2 weeks ago and only 4 or 5 spots needed 4 low. It is very rocky, so slow going, but not difficult. We were in RZRs. Very beautiful drive.

  3. Author

    Rocks for sure but not bolder hopping.

    Below is a comment from another member of the Club.

    We drove it 2 weeks ago and only 4 or 5 spots needed 4 low. It is very rocky, so slow going, but not difficult. We were in RZRs. Very beautiful drive.

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  4. We’ll carry you, Rene.

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    1. Thanks Petey!

  5. Murrph: I’m in. Copy?

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  6. For us newer transplants, Where is the Dumas Staging area. ? Google thinks it’s “Patient O of the HIV disease. LOL 😂 Thanks

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    1. I’m wondering the same thing, but I’m going to assume (yeah I know) that the staging area will be off the I-17 exit 268 which should be just to the east of the exit. That’s where I would be at.
      Steve F.

      1. Thanks, will have to check with the social director if we can go. 😂

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      1. Yes I know, spell check, it’s a wonderful think how it changes your thoughts ! HaHa

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  7. Author

    The exit, 268 is clearly marked. the staging is to the east of the freeway.
    Exit to the stop sign, turn right, you can’t miss the staging.

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  8. We are new members (early this year) but have never ridden with the group Pioneer 700). We were out with the toy hauler for three months and just got back from Deadhorse – took back roads to Sedona – did DFevil’s Bridge and Schnebly Hill (easy to loose some fillings). My wife Estelle and myself will be there tomorrow. Looks like the staging area is plenty large and we’ll flat bed trail the Pioneer.

    1. Author

      Great to have you along Robert. See you tomorrow.

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