Our First Meeting for 2021 (Post-Pandemic)














After a long hiatus due to the Pandemic, we held our first General Meeting for 2021 on 24 June. We had about 25 members and guests in attendance.
Our guest speaker was Matt Eberhart of the AZ Game and Fish Dept. and the State Off-Highway Vehicle Coordinator at Arizona State Parks based in
Phoenix, Arizona.
Red Devil Restaurant served Pizzas, Wings, and Salad. The food was delicious and excellent.
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Fall Fling 2019 @ Forrest Lakes, AZ

The Arizona ATV Riders held their FALL FLING last October 10-13th, 2019. This was our semi-annual event for club members.
We had Planned rides, Corn hole tournament, Raffles, dinner, and campfire after dinner, and just sitting around and visiting.

For Friday, @ 5:30pm we served a Hot dog Dinner, with condiments, potato salad, baked beans and a dessert.

SATURDAY DINNER was held on October 12th, 5:00 p.m. Catered by THE WILD BUNCH. Menu was: Steak & Chicken, Salad,
Baked Potato, & Honey butter biscuits, and Peach Cobbler.
We had a large area for your RV or tent. Dry camping. We had a porta potty (j-john) onsite too.

Dennis P and Tom M were our Ride Coordinators.

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Spring Fling 2019 @ Vulture Mine Airstrip, Wickenburg, AZ

7 March 2019
Just a few photos I took of our campgrounds this friday, 8 March 2019. Most of our club members were out on a ride, except Jamie and Linda,
who were tending our Welcome Tent. The weather was perfect. Sunny and cool, with a slight breeze to keep things comfortable.
The first two photos are what you’ll see as you approach the Vulture Mine Airstrip from the main road, and because of the recent rains,
dust was minimal as you drove in. The other photos are of the campers that joined our Fling, and the last two photos, provided by Pat R.
is sunset at the campgrounds and a photo of a rare cactus. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the photos.






8 March 2019

Today, we were treated to an Air Show when two airplanes landed on the runway next to our campsites.
Photos courtesy of Jamie W.

















9 March 2019 – Various structures leading to the CookHouse, where we held our Saturday Dinner.

Observations of the Vulture Mine Spring Fling
March 7th through the 9th 2019

An illness prevented me from attending the event until early afternoon on Saturday. Upon entering the airstrip
Parking area this observer was treated to the sight of camper after camper, ATV after ATV, with many still returning from rides. It was intuitively obvious that we had a great turnout for our annual Spring Fling. After greetings were Exchanged, I was informed that we could gather at the Vulture Mine eating shelter as early as 3:00PM.

Members and guests were filling seats as we all awaited the arrival of The Wild Bunch, for we all knew that some good groceries were about to be served up. Soon, ATV’s began to encircle the shelter as member after member Jockeyed for a place at the tables, which were nearly filled to capacity prior to the time they rang the dinner bell.

The weekends rides were announced along with ride leaders and the winners of the scavenger hunt, who were awarded their prize. Our hosts lit two kerosene heaters to help ward off the cooling night air.

Soon, we were served up generous helpings of brisket, pulled pork, and chicken, along with salad, baked beans, Honey glazed bread, and a baked potato.  As always, Bob and Jerry Lynn of the WildBunch Catering prepared a sumptuous feast for all of us.  It was delicious and plentiful!  Everyone loved their dinner and polished off everything on their plates!

Desserts soon followed with pie, brownies, and treats of all manner. It was announced that Bob White was celebrating a birthday, (his twenty ninth of course,) and box after box of  cupcakes appeared. Of course, a rousing chorus of Happy Birthday was sung to him by all attending.

Following supper, the drawing for prizes took place with ATV goodies of every description going on the block. The 50-50 drawing was won by ”ME.” By that I mean not by me. That’s how Linda J. filled out her 50-50 ticket. Ya had to be there.

Vulture Mine personnel invited us to return any time, and camping folks headed toward the bonfire. Hopefully, next year I will make the rides and feel a lot better. Not sure as to how to define the illness, but I can say for sure, that I am not pregnant.

Peter B. , Club President
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The Gift Shop


Bob and Jerry Lynn of www.WildBunchCatering.com
Bob and Jerry Lynn setting up
Linda J. inspecting our dinner before they were served


Pat, Jamie, and Gloria




Edna, Jean and Jerry
Jill, Petey and Bill


Teresa and Dell M on the right


John and Shelly Y
Ed and Mrs.


John W.


Bob “The WildBunch” giving out orders on where to line up.


The bread looks yummy!


The long line to the buffet table


Salad mixers?
Nice stove
Standing in line for “KP”?


Fruits anyone?
Our bread still cooking in the oven
Our utensils.


Dishes used to cook our meals for the evening?
Salad for the evening.
The line is moving . . . slowly.


Our grand Poobah making a speech.
Our Masters of the evening’s ceremonies.
The raffle.


Shelly Y was one of the first members to win
Teresa M.
Pete was one of our many lucky raffle winners


Debbie won one of the coveted books of the evening
Nan H. wins club mdse.
Keith M. wins a bag . . .


Gloria R wins a hat and T-shirt from Vulture Mines.
Ed S.
Petey wins a . . . .box?


One of many won by Don H.


Don H wins again and beats Brian Z’s record of wins

Teresa M won a nice . . . .


Don H winning another prize
Debbie won a . . .
Shelly Y. won a gift card


Kathy V. won a lighted flag pole
Don H won club mdse., one of many to come.


Ken V. won a lighted flag pole



Sweets for our sweets


Ken V. won a Peace Trail Atlas.


Linda won the 50-50 raffle.
Petey relaxing at the office.





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      You’re welcome Pat! I hope you and Gloria enjoyed the Fling. You went home with a bundle of prizes too. Jean and I enjoyed seeing you there.

  1. Great pics as usual. Thanks Rene. At first glance, the one of Peter standing by the loo looks as if he dressed for dinner and is wearing a tie! Oh, well, maybe it’s just my old eyes! Not too many events have planes landing at their site. Thanks Chuck for the “air show.”
    Linda J.

    1. Author

      Yes, indeed this photo of him does look like he is wearing a tie! Ha! Looks very regal too while beside the throne.
      Thanks Linda.

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