Ride on Tonto NF, south of Forest Lakes, August 8 – 11 was a GREAT success

I want to thank all who participated on this ride. In three days days of riding (four for some) we drove along the ridge of Christopher Mountain, drove up Turkey Peak, visited Canyon Creek, all of the forest south of Colcord Lookout, Haigler Creek, and the area west of Young along Cherry Creek Canyon overlooking the Sierra Ancha Mountians down south. I appologize for one very rough steep trail that I said, “hey, lets try out this trail to see if it gets to the bottom. We can turn around if it gets too rough.”  Well I couldn’t find a way to turn us all around so, I committed us all to go all the way. However, we decided not to go back up that way.  We had lunch Thursday, in Young, at the Antler Cafe and Bar. Everyone will be glad to know that the Antler Cafe and Bar is open (Thursday – Sunday) and the atmosphere and food is just as good as it always was.

I know I had a great time and I hope everyone enjoyed it.  I want to thank Chuck and Jan for being my tail gunner and for closing all of the gates we encountered. I want to thank all of the riders for doing a great job doing their part when doing rotational turns. Even with periodic rain showers (and we did get wet), it felt really good to be outdoors riding. Thankfully there were no accidents, flat tires, or other mechanical failures. I want to thank Bill Bierman for taking the group picture below. He figured out how to get everyone in the picture, including himself. He used his drone. Is that great or what!  I will post more pictures on Facebook and hopefully some videos of our rides, if I can figure out how to make sense of all of my GoPro footage.

From left to right:  John Williams, Me, Ed Schock, Chuck and Jan Peterson, Linda and Doug Burke, Bill Bierman, and Starlin Smiley


Keith Menasco


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