June 15 Agenda and Minutes of May meeting

General Meeting

June 15, 2022


Brothers Restaurant

7:00 pm

Pledge of Allegiance 

  • Call the meeting to order – 7:00 pm
  • Introduction of Board Members 
  • Welcome members, guest and new members 
  • Tom Murphy – Presidents Comments. Ride and cook out in the mountains.
  • Review of minutes May meeting Minutes
  • Treasurer’s Report –-Steve Ferguson
  • Website update – Keith Menasco
  • Member Recognition

Birthdays Recognition


Bragging rights (New Toys, etc.)

Stupid Hurt Sticker?

  • Committee Reports

Merchandise – John Williams

New Business –
Recent Rides — May 27th Clear Creek – Clint Wells,,Shnebley hill Broken Arrow. Keith M.

Upcoming ride: June 23 Bradshaw Mtns. at Walker. Jul,y 12 North  Kaibab, Arizona Peace Trail.

  • Any other new business 
  • Next Meetings General Meeting –July 22, t to be confirmed. Please sign up in advance on website.
  • ADD Me Drawing?

50/50 Drawing and Add Me Drawing –

  • Meeting Adjournment



Arizona ATV Riders Club General Meeting Minutes

May 18, 2022

Location:  Brothers Restaurant, 8466 W Peoria Ave #1, Peoria, AZ 85345

Meeting Minutes by Keith Menasco

After gathering for a meal, Tom Murphy called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.

Current Board Members, Tom Murphy, Dennis Palagi, John Williams, Steve Ferguson, and Keith Menasco were present.  John Rybacki and Teresa McPherson were absent.

The Treasurer’s Report was presented by Steve Ferguson.

A brief update about the website was presented by Keith Menasco.

There was a brief recognition for members with birthdays and anniversaries and of those with “bragging rights” for new machines.

Keith Menasco and some of those who went on the Mormon Lake UTV Expo shared that everyone had a good time, and the event went over well, especially the food. Food was purchased by the Club.

Merchandise report was by John Williams. John did not have supplies for purchase with him but stated that he had an abundant supply and anyone who wanted anything could contact him.

Club decals were in and some were handed out to new members or to members who had new machines.

Tom presented a brief review of recent Club rides. Keith Menasco discussed the upcoming ride on May 27, 2022, to Clint’s Well, east of Camp Verde. We found out that the restaurant, where we were scheduled to have lunch is not open so riders will have to bring their own lunch.

There was not any new business.

Next General Meeting will be June 15, 2022, at Brothers Restaurant.

The club had a drawing for a UTV light bar that was donated by Dennis Lund and the 50/50o cash drawing. Both were awarded to the winners.

Attendance record is attached.

Meeting was adjourned.


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