Trail closure, FS 413 to Jerome

FS 413 at the intersection of FS 493 along the North face of Mingus Mtn. now has a large steel gate  closing access to Jerome. You would have to take the trail to the right which leads to Cottonwood or turn back. 

If you are planning a trip from Cherry to Jerome this trail is no longer an option. The gate is about 1/2 way along the mountain side. I am not aware of any warning signs along the trail  prior to the closure.

I have contacted the Forest Service and the Chief of Police in Jerome. Forest Service put the responsibility on the City of Jerome.  Chief Muma of Jerome tells me that the city council closed the trail due to “vandalism”.

I was not told what type of vandalism however I think it is more the residence at trails end in Jerome did not like the traffic.

Tom M.


  1. How can the chief of police in Jerome close a forest service road? If it’s not private property he has no jurisdiction.

  2. Author

    It was not the Police, the City Council in conjunction with the Forest Service.

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