Members, Who Among You Still Has an ATV or 50″ Wide UTV?

I want to plan “Rod’s Last 50-Inch Trail Ride,” as I’m about to give up my 50″ wide UTV for a wider one.

This will break my heart, as I love the 50″ trails near me in the Prescott National Forest.  But my local riding friends have wider machines, and I won’t ride alone.  My machine is definitely not as safe as theirs on some of the extreme (though wider) trails I ride with them.  This has been a real conundrum for me, for quite a while now.  But the trend toward wider machines has continued, and the inevitable conclusion has finally overtaken me.

So, who among you are interested in doing, and suitably equipped to do, this 50″ trail ride with me in the next few weeks?

These would all be trails in the Prescott area, possibly as many as 40 miles of them, which can not be ridden on/in a wider machine.  This is not just because of ‘rules,’ but because of steel post gates (the Forest Service is serious about the restriction).  Some have the best views available in the area.  One is the only motorized trail to the top of Mt Union, the highest peak in the Bradshaw Mtns.  Some are very rugged.  Some have extremely tight switchbacks.  One has deep V channelling.  One goes within 100 feet of the actual headwater of the Hassayampa  River (where it’s barely a creek bed and likely dry right now).

I can do it this coming Sat or Sun (16th or 17th), the following Sun (24th), or a weekend or two later than that if the current great weather holds (highs in the high 60’s, 0% probability of precip).  I can also do some weekdays if none of you cares about that.  Normally I would just pick a date and post the ride, but with so few trail width machines still in the hands of club members, I need to be more flexible.

Let me know.

Rod Moyer


  1. Rod – Sal here. I would luv to join you, but my RZR is 60 inches wide. Which model are you buying to replace your Trail rig?

  2. Rod, we have a 50″ can am and would love to come and ride some the trails around Prescott. A week day would be best for us as we hate the weekend crowds.
    Roger and Sally Holding

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