Hello everyone!  I have been thinking about our Club Rally that will take place in conjuntion with the Mormon Lake UTV Rally (May 5-8, 2022). I don’t have an RV so it is difficult for me to plan where those who wish to use their RV will stay or want to stay.  Correct me if I am wrong but, I would think that for those driving up in an RV it would be easier for you to drive up I-17 and get off at Munds Park and camp east of Munds Park wheather than to go further, to drive down Mormon Lake Road. So, how about staging around Carner Park along FS240 a couple of miles east of Munds Park (34.92971, -111.58337). I plan to visit the site as we get closer to the date. I need someone, who will be camping in an RV, to go early to stake out a place for all of us to gather.

For those who will not be camping in an RV or tent, there are rooms or cabins to rent in Munds Park.  I have a reservation for May 5-8 at the Motel in the Pines. You can also get lodging at Mormon Lake.

I understand the Club has a gas grill. I plan to bring this so that we can have cook-outs each night at the RV camp site and we can all sit around a campfire and tell stories. Can anyone volunteer to bring fire wood?  From the campsite, we can drive our ATVs to Mormon Lake to join the Expo festivities. You are welcome to do this for both Friday and Saturday or just one of the days.  You will need to register ( I have registered for one day and will plan, probably, to go on Friday. I or someone else will lead a club ride (just our club members) on Saturday. We can break down camp and go home on Sunday.

Not sure how this is all going to turn out but I am getting excited about having a Club get together, doing some rides, and attending the Munds Park Expo. Let me hear from you.

Keith Menasco

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