Walnut Canyon (Battle Axe Road) Ride, 1/28/22

Thank you Keith for a great ride. Wow what rugged country and beautiful scenery. I had never ridden this trail but had heard about it on post from other sites.

We had 12 buggies and one quad on the ride. The trails are rocky but not real technical although I found that I did use 4-wheel drive more than usual. Fortunately no break downs or accidents.

It is quite a ride from central Phoenix or so out to Superior and ten Southerly on SR 177 about 9 Miles to the limited staging area. The trails are popular as we encountered several other groups along the way. Unfortunately we were not able to get into water at the Gila River. The next time I may try to cross and ride a little on the other side.

Thank you again Keith,

You did it again for a classics ride.

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  1. Thanks keith was a grate ride alot of fun ,see you on the next run !!!

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