Great Ride to Box Canyon

We had a great ride on January 7 to Box Canyon.  I enjoyed the most driving through the steep walled canyon. I was disappointed we did not see any bighorn sheep.  We are standing in front of the Stagecoach Depot that was along the trail in Box Canyon. Riders include:  Chuck and Jane Peterson, Dennis Lund, Randy Snow, Tom Murphy, Jim and Ann Volz, Kris Keilich, Ed Schock, and Roger and Sally Hilding. I applogize to any riders who were passengers whose names I missed.

We have another ride “Walnut Canyon” in the same general area scheduled for January 28, if anyone is interested.

Keith Menasco


  1. Keith, you did it again – another great ride.

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    1. Author

      It is the riders who go with me who make it a great ride.

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