International Off Road & UTV EXPO Photos

Here are some photos I took of the Expo.The show consisted mostly of exhibitors displaying all the accessories available for your ATV, SxS, UTV or Off-Road Vehicle.

The two campers on the left were awesome. Both came with articulating hitches that won’t roll your truck in case of a turnover.
The inside of the camper was roomy, had a stove, shower and toilet. No room for a quad however. MSRP $90k.

Bill P and Ray H were there and so did one other club member whose name I can’t recall at the moment.

Real nice helmets with customized earphones.

Giveaways . . . .

Local seat upholsterer in Tempe-Chandler area, makes real nice seats and harnesses for Off Road Riders

Mini quads for those on a tight budget . . . . ?

A light stick vendor from Chandler. . . . multi-colored lights flash . . .works by remote.

A camper tent high up on your truck, that may keep you safe from bears?

No need for a trailer. . just winch your SxS up and on the back of your truck.

Thanks for browsing thru my photos of the Expo! Parking was $15.00 and the Expo organizers made no arrangements to validate pk’g tickets for a discount. IMHO, this event was just another flea market, located inside an expensive venue.

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