AZ APS Electric Light Parade

For more than three decades, the APS Electric Light Parade has been an event where families, neighborhood groups and businesses from across the city come together to celebrate the joy of the holiday season.

Special thanks to members Ryan and Alicia, who organized and made the arrangements for our Club’s participation again this year.  Awesome work Ryan and Alicia!

John, Tom, Deb and Steve, and Janet, our parade marshal. Behind them are some of the SxS vehicles that participated in the Light Parade.

Our Parade Marshal Janet, our group was assigned the 53rd spot in the Parade, followed by Santa and his Firetruck Sleigh.

Julie along with her Dad, on their ATVs, followed after Ryan and Alicia’s wel-lit Suburban SUV (see photo above.)

John W’s Polaris’

Debbie and her grand-daughter joined us again this year

Electronics guru Steve and Deb joined us for the first time this year. I think he won the “Best Lighted and Decorated SxS” for this year’s Parade.

Richard and his Family joined us this year in their 4-seater Honda UTV. He will be joining our club soon.

Tom’s Honda SxS Talon with our Club’s framed Poster at the front. (He got lost on the way back.)

Steve and Deb’s well-decked-out Honda 4 Seater Talon SxS. He installed a lighted scrolling marque advertising our Club and wishing everyone a Merry Christmas! Great job!

We are on TV at 11:48

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