Trouble with too much static (squelch) on Rugged Handheld

Static can frequently be a problem with handheld radios. I have a Rugged RH5R-v2. You will get nothing but static if you turn it on in the city.  Here is something you can try prior to your next ride.

  • Push “F”, big red button (which is the menu button). If you have your keyboard locked you will have to unlock it.
  • Press the up arrow until you see: “SQL” with a number below it.
  • Push the F button again to program it and then you can use the up and down arrows to change the sensitivity (numbers). The numbers go from 0 to 9, the higher the number the less static you will hear.  I assume the tradeoff is that you may not pick up someone calling you, if you turn it all the way up.  I set mine to 5. You can increase and then try it. If your current number is low, then this may take care of your issue.

When you have the desired setting push “F” again to stop programming and then “exit” (bottom right button), twice.

I am not an expert but if this will help anyone, here it is.

Good luck!

Keith Menasco

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