October 20th General Meeting Minutes

General Meeting Minutes

October 20, 2021


The meeting was called to order at 6:59 y the President, Tom Murphy. Board members present; Steve Ferguson, Dennis Pelage, John Williams, Teresa Mc Phearson, Rene Borromeo; Keith Menasco was traveling.

Tom Murphy introduced the members of the Board of Directors.

Minutes of the September 20th meeting were posted to the website. Tom motioned to approve the minutes, John Williams seconded, minutes approved by all present.

Alicia Snyder was introduced as the chairperson for the 2021 Electric Light Parade.

Visitors and new members: John Becher and Toni and Dennis Wolverine.

Community Service Project: Wickenburg / Recon Road coalition has asked AAR to help in a clean up to the Box Canyon area along the Hassayampa River. We would like to have at least 7 or 8 volunteers. First clean -up will be Saturday October 23rd at 8:00 am to 11:00. Please sign up on the website to help with the clean- up. To date we have 4 persons signed up.

Note that the International UTV off road show is scheduled for December 10- 12th at the Phoenix Convention Center.

Treasurers Report: Steve Ferguson the September EOM financial report. Report is on file.

The 2022 Club dues will be due and payable by December 15, 2021. The 2022 ANNUAL dues will be $30.00.

Website: Rene Borromeo noted that a map to the staging area for Saturdays event was on the website sign up page.

Christmas Party date is currently set for December 22nd. Concern was expressed that this date could conflict with members plans for the actual Christmas Holliday on the 25th.  Tom Murphy will check to see if the meeting date can be changed. He will coordinate with Jill Brown on a new date and the owner of the restaurant.

Member Recognition: Sterling Smiley celebrated his 77th Birthday

Jill and Peter Brown celebrated 41st Anniversary

Andy and Suzy Anderson celebrate an anniversary also. Number not clear.

Bill Bonn claimed he got new hearing aids. Tom is not sure they are working however.

Event Committee:  Christmas Party chairperson, Jill Brown noted that she is concerned that she does not have a budget for the event. Tom noted that at she should present some amounts to the board for review and approval.

Merchandise: John Williams that he has several items with him at the meeting. For folks that have ordered items, they are on there way from the supplier.

Electric Light Christmas Parade: Alicia Snyder is heading up the organization for the parade. Please sign up on the website. This is good opportunity to get into the Christmas sperate. The parade will be December 4th. Ask Alicia for details.

New Business: January General Meeting will be the voting and election of board members. If you are interested in serving the club, please consider a board position.

Tom Murphy noted that he has been the President for several terms. He would like to step down.

Keith Menasco will be putting an adventure and ride together during the first week of November. The adventure and ride will be in Northern Arizona along the Vermilion cliffs. Check the website for details.

Welcome to the meeting Linda Jennings. Linda has a Arizona trivia question for the group. What were the small one bed building call at the mining site back in the day? Bill Bonn had the correct answer; “flop houses” and won the gift card.

November 17th is the next General Meeting date.

Tom asked the Club Sponsors to stand and give a brief description of what there organizations did.

Sponsors in attendance were: John and Liz Rybacki, Gary Hornsby, and Dennis Palagi.

50/50 Draying:  John Rybacki or Liz won the drawing.

Meeting Adjourned at 7:50 pm


Minutes submitted by Alicia Snyder


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