Sept 22 Meeting Photos @ Brothers Family Restaurant

We had a great meeting at the Brothers Family Restaurant in Peoria, with over 21 members and their spouses attending. The place was comfortable and cozy, staff was friendly and my French Dip was excellent. I was pleasantly surprised at the speed of our orders being delivered without a long wait and their servers attention to us was excellent. We had large room for our meeting, enough to fill twice the number of folks that were there.  Here are the photos I took and I hope you like them.

Palagi said he wasn’t hungry and ordered a banana split for desert instead. The bowl was spotless in less than a few minutes.

Tom started the meeting promptly when everyone had finished their dinner.

Everyone started to notice Tom’s socks, and someone asked him why.

Here he hides his left shoe behind a chair.

Meet and welcome our New Member, Randy Jones. Welcome to the Club Randy!


  1. Very nice pictures Rene.. Thank you. However you did not have my permission to take my picture . My people will contact your people.

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    1. Author

      Pls be advised:
      Due to the large reward now being offered on the “Pepito-Laundry” case, I will be in Fla. searching for Brian’s Laundry, and will therefore not be reachable for the foreseeable future.

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