September 16th Ride to CK, Back way.

On Thursday morning Keith lead a ride from the Lake Pleasant area up the back way to Crown King. There was only three machines on the trip so we could move along.

For those of you that have made this trip the road conditions were about what you would expect. There were plenty of exposed rocks and wash out areas. The recent rains as well as the Jeep travelers have eroded the trail in many places.  The mine area near Burro Johns is very challenging where the trail has been diverted into the stream bed. Just South of the Oro Bell mind the trail was washed out and a by-pass carved into the stream bank.

Upon arrival at CK we found that both restaurants were closed. Had to snack at the General store.

On the way up the mountain we came upon a late model Saturn abandoned along the trail. How it got there; who knows? We spotted a gray pick up truck off the trail in a streambed just West of the Oro Bell mine. Again, how did it get there? Both vehicles have been reported to the Yavapai county Sheriff.

Thank you for leading this adventure. We all had a great time and look foreword to you next club ride.


  1. That hill where the Saturn was found, must’ve been very steep, for the vehicle to be on it’s side, like the photo shows.

  2. Author

    The car was ok, I was standing on the slope of the hill sideways.

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    1. Did you check the trunk for bodies, ie Jimmy Hoffa or perhaps Brian Laundrie?

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