They say “All good things must come to an end.” So now we say Good Luck and Safe Travels to Bob and Jamie White who are relocating to Virginia. As the longest member of the Fling Committee, I can say that they have truly made our Flings the most inclusive and self supporting while bringing in new ideas to benefit membership. Bob spent weeks working in the garage thru summer temps to make those beautiful corn hole boards which were donated to the Club. Jamie, as Treasurer and Fling Chairman, researched items and prices for the Club raffles and put together the activities. Our Corn Hole Tournaments were a big hit with the members. I’m sure we all wish them luck in their new adventure. Our Club has lost two valuable, hard-working members as well as dear friends.
Linda Jennings


  1. Bob and Jamie, best of luck and safe travels to Virginia. You guys were the best.
    Keith Menasco

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  2. I couldn’t have said that any better Linda! Bob and Jamie worked hard indeed behind the scenes, setting up our “Flings”. Albeit, subtle perhaps, you can see their work in the photos I took now displayed in our Photo Galleries/Webpages. We’ll miss you Jamie and Bob. GOD bless you and take care!
    Rene and Jean.

  3. Bob and Jamie: Best of luck on your new adventure and safe travels. We greatly appreciate all your hard work and time you contributed to this club but we will also miss the energy and sense of humor you brought to this club. You will be greatly missed.

    Bob Harper and Kathy Verdino

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  4. Jamie and “Slight Left Turn Bob,”
    Nan and I wish you the best of luck. We know we will meet again, somewhere. Be safe and enjoy the East Coast. You will be missed.
    Nan and Reid Halpern

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  5. Thank y’all for your kind words. We will miss AZ, the great rides and friends we have made. This IS bittersweet. Enjoyed all the fun? LOL but, all seemed to turn out well. I DO know, most everyone enjoyed the corn hole tournaments, that Bob led and the fellowship it brought, after the rides. Keep on riding and exploring this beautiful state. Thank you to the ones that helped, and always stayed after, to help out too. Stay well and God bless.
    Jamie and Bob White

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