Volunteers for doing water surveys on the Tonto National Forest

Water rights are a big deal in Arizona. By law if you don’t use your water right they can be taken away. The Tonto National Forest has hundreds of earthen tanks, springs and wells that have been developed over the years, paid for by tax payers. The water rights belong to the people who own the Forest, you and me.

The Tonto would like to have specific data on the size of stock tanks and output of springs.  Everyone who rides out on the Forest drive by stock tanks all the time. Would anyone like to step up and use their ATV, and their love of being out in the outdoors, to help the Forest collect data? It is pretty simple, you make sure the gps coordinates are correct and accurate. Then you estimate the length, width, and depth of the water and the length and width of the dam. The Forest has an app for your phone where you can record the data and then they can eventually come up with acre feet of water.

If anyone has an interest in doing this, please send me an email, and we can talk further. As in any ride, best to not do it by yourself. I would be interested in planning and leading rides for the purpose of doing water surveys if anyone is interested.

Keith Menasco,

[email protected]


  1. I might be interested. need more info

  2. Author

    Red, I sent information through your email. Thanks for your interest.

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    1. Author

      Gerald and Kitty, I sent you an email earlier. Let me know if you did not receive it. Also, I tried the phone number listed with AZ ATV Riders and was unable to reach you.
      Keith Menasco, 602-853-5031

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