Anyone interested in Zoom Training sessions on GAIAgps?

I have been approached by a few members who said they would be interested in learning more about GAIAgps. I would be glad to put on a training session through Zoom. With Zoom I could share my home computer screen while I use GAIAgps and take questions.  I would think my first session would be an orientation on how GAIAgps works and the various maps available with a premium subscription. I would continue the lesson, or in my next next lesson, I could show how to find tracks on the internet or how to take a track someone has recorded and how to import them into GAIAgps for you to use. Another session would be how to create a track (or route) using the route tool by tracing roads on a map.

If anyone is interested, please send me an email at:  [email protected]. You will need to join GAIAgps prior to any training sessions. You can subscribe for free but you really cannot use the free version for much. You will need at least a Base subscription. With a base subscription you are limited to using only the GAIAgps base map. The real power in this GPS software is the availability of useful maps.  With a Premium subscription (which I would recommend), you have access to all of their maps, which are extensive. For example, many people really like the National Geographic paper maps. With the Premium subscription you will have access to all of these maps.  If you have ever purchased a Forest Service recreational map, this is available in GAIAgps as well.  You also have access to satellite imagery.

I will need to learn how to create a Zoom meeting, but I think I can do that. I look forward to hearing from anyone interested.  We can’t do much riding with public lands being closed due to fires so I would be happy to share what little that I know about GAIAgps software.

Keith Menasco

[email protected]


  1. Thank you for organizing this Keith!
    I for one would be interested in learning how to use the GAIAgps.

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  2. I would be interested. Thanks.
    Bob Harper

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  3. I would be interested in this, Keith.

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