Has anyone ridden the area east of Camp Verde and north of West Clear Creek?

Hello, I was searching for an area that is a little bit cooler to ride. I was thinking of going north on FS 618 (Bull Pin Run) on the east side of Camp Verde and making a loop with some short trips to overlook West Clear Creek Canyon. This ride would be about 60 miles. However, I have never ridden in this area before.  Has anyone ridden in this area before? I assume it is juniper with maybe some ponderosa pine stringers. Is this correct?  Is this a ride you would like for me to lead this summer?  Thanks!   [email protected]

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  1. I’ve ridden up there, but it’s been many years. Also, the altitude is not high enough to be a great deal cooler. I suggest later in October. There are a great many Native American signs up there, so the trip is very interesting. A bit of hiking is required.

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