Anyone know of good staging area?

I am leading a ride this Sunday but I am not sure that the staging area I currently have is large enough.  Does anyone know of a staging area east of Carefree on the Cave Creek Road past the Bartlett Lake turnoff that will handle up to 10 truck and trailers?


  1. Bronco Trail head parking w/toilet. I think it is about 5 miles past the turn off.

    33° 56.0792′ N

    111° 49.2486′ W

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      Not sure who posted, but thank you!

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    2. Across the road from Bronco trail there may be some parking. It all depends on how rough it is. is meeting time still 8:30? j&lw

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        Thanks for the information. I actually drove out there and the parking lot for Bronco Trail has a lot of room and will work perfectly. See you at 8:30 am or before.

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