AAR Board of Directors Meeting March 8th 6:30 PM

Arizona ATV Riders 

Board Of Directors Meeting Agenda

March 8, 2021

6:30 pm Red Deval Restaurant

East Bell Rd. and 30th Street

 Call the meeting to order

Introduction of members  Dennis Palagi VP, Keith Menisco Secretary, Steve Ferguson  Treasurer, Rene Borroneo, Teresa McPhearson, John Williams, Members at large

President’s Comments — Would someone like to step up and take the President Positon or Membership coordinator.

Review and approve minutes from the: June 20th and August 26th meeting 

Treasurer’s Report   Steve Ferguson appointed as new Treasurer. We will not have the cooperation of the former Treasurer to help Steve get started. Rene perhaps Teresa and I will help Steve. Dennis lend a hand with Pay Pal.

Committee Reports  Event’s – Teresa McPhearson—Outing or gathering along with club ride. cook out, something for the members? Perhaps after a ride; Locations, Jackass Flats, Morristown, Lake Pleasant area?

Merchandise   John Williams up date

Membership   Number of new members for 2021 to include Nov. and Dec. 2020

Unfinished business   Need to cut check for merchandise storage to reimburse John.

Website   Rene Number of New Members since November 2020 

New Business   Need to post rides. Week days, weekends when ever. 

Face Book    Need someone to coordinate and update pages of Face book. Post rides when on the website.

Next Board Meeting    TBA

Adjourn meeting.

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