Rules for the OHV Road and Trails

Use the appropriate hand signals to oncoming vehicles indicating how many vehicles in my group are behind me. The trail vehicle should indicate with a closed fist that they are the last vehicle.

You are responsible for the vehicle in my group behind me, ensuring they make the correct turn in the trail and will stop to wait for them if I haven’t seen them for a while.

Never leave the group without notifying the group leader so the group doesn’t waste time looking for me.

Never ride ‘faster than you can see’ as there may be others on the trail coming towards me or other dangers around the blind corner.

Slow for others coming towards you, or stopped on the trail so not to dust them.

Check on those who are stopped alone on the trail to see if they need help.

Pull over when safe to do so to let faster vehicles pass that are not in my group.

Others should pull over when safe to do so if they are slower than you group; be patient to allow them time to realize you are behind them and want to pass. Do not dust them off.

Give the right of way to UPHILL traffic. When posable, downhill traffic should pull over.

Stay with the group to help other group members experiencing mechanical or other problems so we all get back safely together. The group leader will determine a plan.

Treat the environment with respect, pick up trash, don’t blaze trails, and be a good example of motorized recreation. Pack-it-in, Pack-it-out.

Appreciate others mode of off road recreation, it’s not dirt bikes against ATVs against SxSs against Jeeps against 4×4 pickups; we ALL are in the same group of off roaders and need to respect each other

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