2021 Honda Talon 1000R and 1000X Fox Live Valve Edition

Take a first hand look at the new 2021 Honda Talon 1000R and 1000X Fox Live Valve Edition from Honda.

UTV Action predicted Honda would reveal 2021 Honda Talon Live Valve two-seaters at UTVActionMag.com, and they’re here already! First seen on the four-seat Talon, Honda’s added its computer-controlled, self-adjusting Fox Live Valve suspension to the Talon 1000R and Talon 1000X. The 2021 Honda Talon Live Valve two-seaters also come with launch mode, which allows full throttle acceleration from a dead stop. Here are the technical details you need to know about Honda’s newest sport UTVs.


The manually adjustable suspension on Honda Talons works well for aggressive driving but it can be harsh for cruising and low speeds even on the softest setting. Honda may update the suspension tuning for 2021, but we’re not sure yet. We’ve tested Honda’s Live Valve suspension on the 1000X-4 Live Valve and it delivers a smoother ride in slow and fast driving, and the system also offers better control and stability because it’s so aware and responds so quickly. Sensors monitor the engine, transmission, steering, brakes, G-forces and the vehicle’s angle and continuously adjust the suspension accordingly. The system firms the outside shocks during cornering, firms the front shocks during braking, and it even sets the suspension for smooth jump landings. In addition to instant automatic adjustability, Honda’s Live Valve suspension also offers two dashboard button-selectable modes, a comfort focused standard mode and sport mode for fast driving.


The Live Valve two-seaters share the same dimensions, engine, transmission and 4WD system as the other two-seat Talons. The engine is a naturally aspirated, single-overhead-cam, 8-valve parallel twin. It makes 104 horsepower, but it feels like more because the Honda’s geared transmission gets power to the wheels more instantly and efficiently than belt-type automatic transmissions.

The new Talons also have Honda’s unique I-4WD system, which provides traction like a locking differential without extra steering effort. It also offers electronic brake force distribution and hill start assist, for easy, secure starts on hills.



  1. sounds interesting, where are you located so I can check it out in person?

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    Towards the end of the video, is the disclosed contact address. They are in Florida.

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