Update on Anniversary Ride to the Bradshaws.

Tom Murphy and myself drove to Mayer on Friday to determine the feasibility of a ride to the Bradshaws on Sunday. As most of you know there is a forest fire in progress very near Crown King, and the town is being evacuated. The smoke plume was very large and it ws apparent that we might have to reschedule or choose a different ride. This was confirmed when we encountered a County Deputy on Pine Flat Road south of Mayer. All persons who did not live north of the historic cemetery were being turned away.
SO here are our options: We can cancel the Bradshaw ride, and go nowhere, or we can substitute a different ride. Tom Murphy has volunteered to lead a ride to the historic 6 BAR ranch off Bloody Basin Road, a few miles north of the Sunset rest area on I 17. All meet times and location remain the same as the Bradshaw plan.Bring cold liquids and food for lunch. Any questions call Pete at 623-694-3470. Final word Saturday afternoon.


  1. I signed up for the Anniversary ride. So, since I have cabin fever and have been itchin’ to ride somewhere! I vote for a different destination if voting is appropriate.

  2. Enjoyed meeting a few of the members at Mickey D, this AM. Looks like its a perfect fit for our riding interest and age group. I really enjoyed chatting with Tom and Steve about the club and the important input and guidance on the radio/comm gear.
    Hope the Bloody Basin ride was enjoyed by all who made the ride. Looking forward to meeting more members during the next ride event.
    Maybe we find/locate an area where we can put up some shade push ups, a few tables and maybe do a “pot luck”, or open air meeting to get most of us together? Maybe a trail head or large open area so we can all stay safe? Anyone doing any camping?

    Just thinking

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