Arizona ATV Riders Board of Directors

Your Board of Directors has had a couple of additions in the past month or two. We now have a full board of seven members. The board members are as follows:

President – – Tom Murphy

Vice President – – Dennis Palagi

Secretary – – Keith Menasco

Treasurer  – -Jamie White

Members at Large – – Teresa McPherson, Rene Borromeo and John Williams

Keith Menasco recently volunteered to serve as the Secretary. Keith bring a wealth of experience to the board with his knowledge of the Arizona riding areas and as a ride leader. We welcome Keith to the board.

Rene can help members with problems with the website.

Teresa is now the Events Committee Chair Person

Just a Reminder: January is the clubs normal month for our Annual Meeting. The primary purpose of this meeting is to elect members to the Board of Directors. All offices and positions will be available for any one interested in nominating them selves for the board.  Given the current precautions in place, we are not sure how this election / meeting will be held at this time. 

This is your club, your participation would be greatly appreciated. 


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