Note to Arizona ATV Riders Membership

Dear fellow Arizona ATV Riders members,

It goes without saying that 2020 has been a most unusual year for the Club, as well as the rest of the nation. The temperature for one here in Arizona has not been cooperative for planning rides. In addition, the coronavirus has affected our normal way of life.

Although we have not been able to have our normal General meeting, the Board has had a couple of group phone meetings. In the order of events, I would like to recap the issues the Board has addressed since March.

  • Linda Jennings for personal reasons, found it necessary to step down as President of the Club. The Vice President stepped in as President. (Tom Murphy)
  • Dennis Palagi joined the board as the Vice President.
  • Teresa McPhearson volunteered to head up the Events Committee. (For now due to restrictions any future plans are only discussion items.)
  • The board voted to lower the annual dues for 2021 to $30.00 / year. If you recall the dues were increased to cover the expense of a new website. That cost did not materialize as anticipated.
  • In light of the governmental restrictions and concerns for our members scheduling rides, the General Meetings, and any group events have not been possible in large groups. (The extreme weather in the valley has not been helpful for scheduling rides.)

Therefore, the board has decided that: Any member in good standing for the calendar year 2020 will have the membership for 2020 roll over to year end 2021.

For now we believe that it will not be necessary to re-register on the website. Rene Borromeo will be working with RideTrails to iron out the website details.

As we look forward to next year, we hope, at some point, to regain some sort of “NORMAL” by resuming our General Meetings, spring and fall events and Christmas Party. As the weather becomes more temperate in the valley, we hope that members will again post club rides. Even with the cloud of coronavirus, we can still have safe group rides, keeping social distancing in mind during briefing and trail breaks.

The Board of Directors could use one more member to complete the board. If you have a little extra time to spend on the phone for board meetings we need a Secretary. This is not a time demanding position. If you can help as board Secretary, please contact me by phone at 602-751-4662.  We could use some help.

In closing, thank you for supporting the Arizona ATV Riders in the past. We hope you will continue to do so during this unusual time. Any input is deeply appreciated.

Tom Murphy

President Arizona ATV Riders

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