We are all trying to deal with our new and sometimes confusing lifestyle changes and so it comes as no surprise that your Board of Directors have made some adjustments as well.

At our last Board meeting on June 25, by conference call, it was announced that Jamie and Bobby White are stepping down as the Event Committee.  They and their many friends have headed this committee for numerous years and brought us the Corn-Hole Tournaments and Chili Cook Offs to add to the Fling activities.  We thank them for stepping up and hope the next volunteers have as much success and fun as they have had.

Also changing will be your President.  Due to health issues, Linda will be resigning her position as of June 25 and Tom Murphy, currently Vice-President, will assume the office of President.  He will also continue the Arizona Trivia Contest whenever our meetings can resume.

Since Tom has been acting as our Secretary, we need someone to volunteer for this job(Tom really doesn’t have the legs for a secretary anyway).  Please contact him and help our club.  It only takes 1 to 2 hours once a month for our board meeting.  This is being held by conference call at the present time so you can wear your “jammies” while attending.  Hey, can it get any better than this?  So, since we all have”to rub along together” why not step up now and take part in leading your club through these challenging times?  You might actually enjoy it, I know I have and will miss all of you.  Thank you for allowing me to be your President as I had a great time and hope you all are well and PLEASE step up and help your new President and a new Event Committee continue to make our club a success.

Linda Jennings, President




  1. Linda,
    I sincerely want to commend and thank you for your service to our Club. Your relentless determination to keep our club going , after Peter’s sudden departure due to an illness, is especially appreciated. It was a joy for me to have served with you and will miss your special Club Rides to Yarnell. I wish you the best of health!

  2. Thank you so much for the kudos as Fling Event coordinator for so many years….(seems like it anyways!)
    Linda, you were a great part of this club, for years, and a true leader. You stepped up as President, and your meetings were the best I had ever been to…interjecting fun, as well as interest. Too bad, it could not last. You are a wonderful person, some say tough, but I know better! <3 You are fair.
    I hope, as well as others, that you will get better in these days to come. Hang in there and stay well.
    Love ya
    jamie and Bobby

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