Sunday, May, 31 Box Canyon, Wickenburg AZ.

This is not a Arizona ATV Riders event……..

As a AAR member you may wish to attend and help if you wish, that would be nice.

Please join in fellowship at Box Canyon here in Wickenburg. Since the Memorial Day is the weekend before I’m certain with all the recent chaos the Box will be filled with trash. So we invite all who care about the Box staying clean to come out with some gloves, trash, bags, and something for the pot luck. Let’s keep the back yard of Wickenburg clean. This would be a wonderful event to meet others who are passionate about the outdoors and want to keep our place safe for our families to enjoy. We look forward to visiting with you all! Please share this event and invite someone to come help out!
So happy to hear of our communities desire to help out. Clean Earth recovery is donating a 40yrd dumpster for the day and CR&R is waiving the dump fee for the clean up we gather. If you know a business that would like to contribute to our clean up efforts please let me know. I’m sure we can use trash bag donation, bottled water, snacks of all kinds.
We will be meeting at the parking area. If you continue on Rincon Rd after the second crossing you will come right to the meeting spot.

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