Find a Place for our General Meeting

Dear Club Members,

At some point in time in the future, we hope to have every one together again for our Monthly General Meeting and social. Unfortunately we have just learned that the Deer Valley Restaurant will NOT be reopening when the restrictions are lifted.

The Board of Directors would like your help…. If we are to continue having our General Meeting along with a dinner or refreshments we will need to find another location. Of course we do not know when we can have the meeting, the board would like to get ahead of this ASAP.

The Board Meeting usually consist of 7 folks, while the General Meeting has any ware from 30 to 50 members for dinner, (general guidelines). Please, if you have any contacts or suggestions please see if they would be interested in accommodating the clubs requirements.

You may contact me if you have a suggestion or  potential meeting location to discuss the situation.

Tom Murphy,



  1. I suggest we remove the food requirement and open our options.

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  2. Author

    That’s a option to consider.

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  3. Would it be possible too go back to the clubs original meeting place. BARROS N 7th St south of Bell

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  4. You can try Look out Mountain golf club. Not so far north or not so far south. 11111 N 7th st. 602-866-6357.

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    1. Author

      Thank you for your suggestion. Let me know what you find out. Thanks again for helping…

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