Sunday May 3nd Ride

Several of us are planing to meet and do a ride in the north country off I-17. In keeping with the Federal Guidelines(?) I am would like to limit the participants to 5-6 UTV’s with two folks or 10 to 12 folks. At this time Peter B. Dennis P. and I are planning on the ride. If you are interested in joining us please call me at 602-751-4662. I hate to be restrictive but safety first with social distancing in this day and age.

Tom Murphy


  1. I will be attending this ride, myself and maybe either my son or grandson will be coming along. Still waiting to hear back from them. See you on Sunday. Steve F.

  2. Thanks for the invite. I’ll be heading up to Heber to open up our RV with my wife and granddaughter. We’ll be bringing up the Pioneer and we’ll ride a lot next week looking for herds of wild horses. Look forward to future rides.

  3. Where are we going on I/17 ? and what time and where to meet?

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