As we are all struggling through this together, perhaps we could reach out and give some support to our sponsors/AAR Partners, who have supported our club thru the years.  They are going thru tough times also.  Gary Hornsby, Atv Repair, is open and this might be a good time to get in those tune ups so you’re ready for the trails when this is over.  The Wild Bunch Catering, who do our Fling dinners, are offering many specials right now.  They have delivery of fresh frozen entrees, lunches etc.  The 40th Street Cafe, who have given gift cards for our club raffles, are offering take out service.  The Peoria Pawn is open so check them out for good deals on items you may need.  South-Forty RV Park in Utah is opening on April 24th for that get-away you’re looking forward to.  The Insurance Lady can answer your questions on insurance and Medicare issues.  Our newest sponsor is PCC Roofing and Construction, something to think about before the wind and rain of our monsoon arrives.  Reach out and help support those who have supported us thru the years if you can.


Linda Jennings, President

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