Spring Fling Check In/Bag Pick-Up

Hours for ‘check in’ (just to make sure rooms are ready 😂😂)
730-11 and 1-3 Thurs -Sat
You may ‘check in’ (receive bags) during this time. I assume ride coordinators will have rides posted at sign in area. That is not our forte.
We will not be transporting club tent, too much to have ones our age to get/load/transport/unload/put up/take down/load/and transport back to storage. Thus, the hours for ‘Check in’ change. AND, if weather is not cooperating, the hours will be adjusted! 😘
The event committee, appreciates, all ones that offer to help. We need ones ‘ahead of time’ (Wed. AND Sun.) to accommodate the influx of arrivals, to make this another successful fling.


  1. am going, but need more info.

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    1. Author

      Full write up in event calendar on March 12th date.

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  2. Jane and I can easily take the sunshade (tent) and tables. Chairs? Weights to hold sunshade corners against desert breezes?

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    1. Author

      2 tables, there are no chairs! 2 clear bags with tent canopy and frame (everything is in the bags that is needed) nothing else.
      Thank you again

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  3. I have an open seat in my 2 seater CanAm Maverick. Would prefer female rider.

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  4. We would like to register for the Spring Fling. 2 couples, 2 machines. 1 Motor Home.

    Dale & Dianne Farwell
    Bill & Linda Koskenmaki

    Not sure how to register or how to pay?

    1. Author

      I have written you a personal email explaining how to sign up.
      Thank you

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