Great ride to China Dam/Fort Tule

I want to thank Ed, Tom, Kin, and Steve for going with me on our ride to China Dam/Fort Tule north of Lake Pleasant.  I want to especially thank Ed for leading us to another cabin on Humbug Creek up above Fort Tule. I cannot find anything on the internet about this cabin, so if anyone knows about it let us know.  Beautiful day!

Keith Menasco


  1. And I would like to thank Keith for inviting me on my first EVER off-roading experience. Yep, I’m a total newb at this and Keith invited me to ride with him in his RZR. Had a great time visiting China Dam and the “Fort Tule” Homestead. Getting there was loads of fun although some parts were unbelievably steep and rough, but his machine pulled through without a hitch! After lunch Ed guided us to an old homestead which I dubbed “The Dead Van Homestead”. Seems there was an older 1985 Chevy van parked there (no one could figure out how it got there) and it was pretty beat-up and shot at! Lots of “artifacts” left there by whomever, and it appears it hasn’t been used for quite some time. Lots of stone and concrete construction for the buildings, wondering if the builder wasn’t some sort of concrete guy??!! Too much work for a single person, had to be a group.
    Tom had the “fun” of making a rather harrowing decent down a very rocky and super steep path on his quad to get to the bottom by the creek and we were then wondering how we were going to make it back up the hill to get out! When it came time to leave, Ed went back down stream to scout for a better exit back to the trail. It wasn’t much better, but it was doable. We had superb weather in the mid-sixties and perfect of skies too! If you can, please take a look on Google-Earth at this place and see if you can see how someone could drive a full-sized van to this place!!! Here are the coordinates: 34DEG 0.871N 112DEG 17.791W
    Again, thanks goes out to Keith for an awesome ride, and it was a pleasure travelling with Ken, Tom and Ed.

  2. If the LAT-LON described previously didn’t work, here are the decimal coordinates:
    34.014770 -112.296460

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